Hand Burger
















  在新加坡   的確美食名稱創意似乎也愈來愈精彩化
















  這次介紹的是一間位於 Raffles City B1 Te Hand Burger








  名字取的很可愛又有活力 每次經過想吃但卻都是滿座
























  In Singapore now you can find more and more delicacies with creative name








  It's more trend and vitality for dining environment








  Today, I'd like to introduce everyone the fastfood restaurant in Raffles City B1








  It is called:  The Hand Burger








  What a cute and lively name ^^
























Hand Burger5








































  The seat space is quite nice and simple decorate
















Hand Burger6
















   若是一人用餐 也不怕座在大桌怕被其他等候客人 盯著看








  They also offer single seat as well
























Hand Burger1
















   肚子餓了  開始點餐吧 ^^








  We're soooooo starve let's start to order ^^
























Hand Burger2
















   菜單裡單然少不了  "漢堡"








  Of course "hand burger" show in the menu
























Hand Burger3
























  You can choice the bread and side dish what you like to
























 Hand Burger4   
















   湯和沙拉也是在保證名單之內 ^^








  Of course they offer soup and salad as well too... ^^
























Hand Burger7
















   一人一份 恰到好處








  Nice portion and just perfect
























Hand Burger8
















 Hand Burger9   
















  整體來說  食物沒有比呈現而出的視覺來的優








  薯條過乾  沙拉菜葉過老   漢堡的肉質也算普普  或許年輕人會比較能接受吧
















   Visual sense better than it taste








  French fried were too over fried  salad leaf not fresh enough the meat just so so








  May be young people will accept this more than us ?!
























Hand Burger11 
























  Menu stand
























Hand Burger10
















   坦白說  這間吃了之後的確是引不起我想再去吃的念頭








  餐點部份:  當天我是點了一份有附飲料的漢堡餐  好友V則是只單點一份漢堡








  服務部份:  說真的 叫天天不應 叫地地不理  沒有服務可言  或許是"年輕的作法吧"?!








  價格部份:  一個人吃下來也要花個13元起跳  應該有點偏略中價位了
















  Be frank, this is not the one we want to come back again








  For the meal:  I order a burger with soft drink, my friend just order a burger








  For the Service:  they have many staffs without real service








  For the price: average SGD 13   not too cheap

































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